Joint operation of new dwellings in a former factory



Surface: 2038 m 2

Delivery date: 2011

Typology: 19 units


The workshops of Lisle is an operation of urban, ambitious its choices in eco-construction and renovation by the social cohesion project underlying it. The rehabilitation of the site allowed the creation of 19 units. 

300 m 2 are created to allow a common life in the building with a gym and swimming pool. 

The Lisle workshops are old industrial buildings, their first destination was workshops for the manufacture of stationery product, and then they shelter a decade Xuly Bët offices. The original structure has a stamp inherent both in the Eiffel type canopy that covers the court buildings commune by its workshop bays which follow drawing style of the facades. 

We have kept the timber  frame origin, otherwise the whole program is a new construction.